Bluetooth Device Connections to Wifi & The Cloud

bluetooth is low-energy, wifi is powerful

San Francisco


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Nathan O'Hanlon
Entrepreneur Designer Developer

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A number of devices are available from manufacturers that connect to apps through Bluetooth. The problem is the app on the phone often needs to be open while connecting. New devices have embedded wifi but this is a larger drain on battery power, and the device costs more. Our controller would sit in range and connected to the mains power, and would connect and read data via Bluetooth then transfer to the web and the home via Wifi. An example device would be Bluetooth Bathroom scales, that connect while standing on the scale. The problem is the app needs to be open and on the right page when standing on the scales - hardly ideal when you just stepped out of the shower. The extension to this would enable displays that show through mirrors and are otherwise invisible, that show the weight, BMI, body fat etc, through the mirror using bright LEDs. As soon as the reading is taken, the device would transfer it to the secure cloud where it can be integrated with other fitness and health metric readings, including Apple Health Kit data.