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Antoine De Vuyst
Jerry Qian
Allwyn D'Souza

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About this event

BlockHack 2022

BlockHack is a 3 day hackathon, aiming to combine the efforts of entrepreneurs and developers and promote growth of blockchain-related projects and ventures. We are looking for hackers and teams to work on creative and innovative ways of applying blockchain technology (of any kind) in areas of financial freedom and end-user control.

BlockHack is proud to collaborate with Espacio Bitcoin, a beautiful coworking space for professionals mainly in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Espacio Bitcoin will have a venue capacity of 100 people to hack in person.

Teams can may use any blockchain platform during the hackathon

BlockHack takes place from June 3rd to June 5th. Hackathon results will be announced June 5th, and the winners will also get to pitch their projects at the BitAngels Investment event on June 7th!

BlockHack wants to help you, a Developer, Entrepreneur, or Investor, navigate through the Blockchain landscape.

Gaming & eSports

Video games have come a long way since their inception in the 70s. The industry has grown and evolved throughout the years, with competitive eSports and social / mobile games driving worldwide adoption. Today, the gaming industry has a market size estimated worth over $150 billion USD.

This BlockHack is aimed at building unique tools, interesting experiences and community interactions through integrating gaming with blockchain technology. We have many great speakers, mentors and workshops to help hackers with projects

For Developers

Learn about the latest tools in blockchain development Add to your dev portfolio Gain experience working on real blockchain projects For Beginners

Learn how to create working blockchain apps For Entrepreneurs

Build a working app for your existing project Find developers who want to work with you Showcase your projects to potential investors For Investors

Scope new and exciting projects Watch hacker teams present their projects Attend the BitAngels investor event.

BlockHack is already one of the biggest hackathons in Toronto, and the community is continuing to grow rapidly!

About Bitcoin Bay

Bitcoin Bay is a blockchain and crypto solutions company that has been active in the space since 2013. Based in Toronto, Bitcoin Bay is composed of blockchain experts that specialize in consulting, product and dApp development, education and community engagement.

About Espacio Bitcoin

Espacio Bitcoin is a beautiful space of 500m2 for offices and coworking where professionals mainly from the blockchain field have their offices. Meeting place for the Bitcoin community and technology in general. It's a perfect coworking environment for entrepreneurs.

Espacio Bitcoin was founded in 2014 with the ideal of connecting companies focused on innovation and creation of new digital products that allow decentralization and voting by consensus by users.

About Axelar

Axelar is building a decentralized network and tools that connect users, assets, and dApp across multiple blockchain ecosystems. The network empowers developers to build on the best platform for their needs while leveraging the Axelar stack to unlock cross-chain composability and liquidity. Axelar Network consists of a protocol suite, tools, and APIs, designed to break down the barriers to cross-chain communication. Powered by a decentralized open network of validators, anyone can join the network, use it and build on it. The Axelar Network provides a uniform solution to cross-chain communication, allowing dApps to integrate with the full blockchain ecosystem. Developed by the founding team members of Algorand, Axelar’s co-founders are award-winning graduates of MIT, where they received notable recognition as part of their graduate studies. Follow Axelar on Twitter at @axelarcore, or LinkedIn at

About Omnia

Omnia is a Web3 infrastructure protocol that provides quick deployment of Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchain nodes that do not require maintenance, management, or technical expertise. Future product offerings will also support 1-click deployment for Avalanche, Polygon and Algorand nodes. In addition, Omnia uses mix-net technology to preserve privacy, enabling eavesdropping free communications between a wallet, dApp and the blockchain. As a compliant-privacy protocol, Omnia grants legitimate users the right to enjoy confidentiality of information and security of transactions.

Omnia’s oversubscribed fundraising from DAO Maker, ReBlock, LD Capital, Evangelion, Raptor Capital, Halvings Capital, LVT Capital and New Tribe Capital supports Lupascu twin brother’s vision to aid in the decentralization of blockchain networks and empower developers, DEXs and low code/no code users with state-of-the-art cryptography and privacy tools.

Learn more about Omnia by following Medium or reading the whitepaper.

About BDU

BDU (Blockchain Developers United) is a decentralized network of developer meetup groups. BDU started in June 2017 from a single Meetup Group in Toronto, Canada, which focused on providing hands-on workshops on programming blockchain applications. Today, BDU spans a community across the globe with Meetup leaders in Singapore, India, the United States and Canada. Meetup leaders from these locations came together with the passion to bring education of blockchain technology for developers to their local communities.

About BitAngels

BitAngels ( is an investor network for the blockchain industry. BitAngels launched in 2013 as the world’s first angel network for digital currency startups. Each BitAngels event features networking and short pitches by startup founders to an audience of investors, business leaders, and the local blockchain community. These events provide investors the unique chance to learn about new cryptocurrency investment opportunities in person. For more information, visit


Prizes are not published


  • Friday
  • Location: Buenos Aires - Argentina - In Person Kick off Hacking

  • Saturday
  • Workshops Hacking Continues



BLOCKHACK HACKATHON OFFICIAL RULES 1) Hackathon Dates & Time Registration Period: Until Friday, June 3rd (6:00 pm EDT) Hackathon & Team Formation Start Date: Friday, June...


1) Hackathon Dates & Time

Registration Period: Until Friday, June 3rd (6:00 pm EDT)

Hackathon & Team Formation Start Date: Friday, June 3rd (6:00 pm ET)

In-Person Workshops, Panels & Keynotes: Saturday, June 4thth

Final Submission & Winner Announcements: Sunday, June 5th

BitAngels Investment Pitch: Thursday, June 7th

2) Participation Eligibility

Participants must form a team with at least 2, but no more than 5 people, and can only submit for one team.

3) Registration & Submission Requirements

Register for BlockHack by clicking this link --

Join the BlockHack Discord server --

Provide access to past work being brought into BlockHack Include a viewable repository for judging access

Select prize tracks (not limited to 1) you and your team wish to apply

NOTE: Only work done during BlockHack will be considered for judging

4) Judging & Prizes

Judges will consider submissions based upon complexity, innovation, deployment and adaptability Prizes will be awarded solely at the discretion of the judging panel

5) Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to all participants, judges, advisors and staff involved in BlockHack.

We will not tolerate toxic behaviour such as harassment, abuse or trolling.

BlockHack is focused on building positivity innovation within the blockchain ecosystem. Specifically these behaviours include but are not limited to: vulgar or abusive verbal or written language,negative or demeaning comments regarding gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, physical appearance, race, religion, sharing sexual images or sexually suggestive material,intimidation, stalking, frequent unsolicited contact of any type, and unwelcome sexual attention.

Pseudonymity is allowed.