Blind Assist

This app is being created for blind individuals specifically, helping them in their daily lives.



Technologies Used


Project Team

Adhiraj Singh Chauhan
Designer Developer
Bhargav Karanam
Anirudh Katoch
Designer Developer

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Product Manager Investor


A blind person faces a lot of difficulties in today's world. One of the first difficulties that comes to our minds relates to traveling around without any help. Sure, some have guide dogs, but do guide dogs always know where are they going? Can they read out important documents or recognize people? That's exactly what our app is for. Features: 1. It helps them travel by recording the number of steps taken and the usual paths taken by the user. If the user moves away from the path he's traveling on, the app makes the phone vibrate, thus informing the user he needs to re-direction himself, using audio cues from individual speakers 2. The user, who is wearing Smart Glasses, can recognize faces (compared against a continuously populated database), and get their names too. However, as a proof of concept, we're using the phone's camera, since we don't have access to a Smart Glass. In effect, the Smart Glasses would be connected to the phone, and the phone sends API calls in accordance to any image it receives from the Glass. 3. In addition to facial recognition, the user can take a picture of a document and the app reads out the text in it (using OCR and Text to Speech APIs) 4. The user can also find out which company logo is he looking at. The use cases for this feature aren't limited to just blind people, as it could be used by just about anyone who wants to know which logo belongs to which company. Any click or touch input will be accompanied by a vibrate too, to notify the user.