Bit-id, Decentralised ID system

Decentralised ID system vs Centralised ID system


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Full-stack web developer (PHP)

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khai kwan

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Product Manager Investor


Bitcoin was designed as a crypto-currency to provide an alternative. Similarly Bit-id is designed with the same vision with a decentralized authorities issuing identities and designed to put much of the control of user's biodata into the hands of users, themselves. The concept that a singular authority issuing identification card is absurd and can be abusve in the hands of corrupt officials. But there is a real need for identification which we often ignore, such as in commerce and in services which may be regulated. Unlike Bitcoin where the miners can earn/issue bit-coin from mining, Bit-ID has to be linked to past and proven data as authoritative and supplemented by current or existing biodata to create bits of ID to formulate trust levels (which can be used as "currency" to access services). What we mean by bits of ID is really like Citizenship, DOB, Name, Address, Employer, license to drive. license to carry a fire arm, etc all as a single bit. It is important to note, that user can elect the DEPTH of data to reveal as well. This means instead of your full address, you can reveal a location like a suburb or instead of DOB, user can provide an age like 18 Years without revealing the DOB. By mixing all these pieces of data, the trust level will increase enabling user to conduct business each of which is recorded on the blockchain. There is no biodata at all in the blockchain just information about transaction/verification by different players to build level of confidence. It is possible to opt in to reward the miner who provide proof of work instead of paying for authentication. In the Video, we also mention a payment model using Bit-ID, The issue is that we must have incentives for miners to run this else it will costs money and revert back to a centralised system. So if some means we can persuade a form of reward such as for advertising or part of a payment scheme, then it is likely to be more acceptable. Thanks Please email me for the complete specs.