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Event checklist


About this event

BETSOL Hackathon 2017 is a 24 hours customer centered hackathon, for all BETSOL employees from different projects and technologies.

The focus is on solving our client's problems through any means, whether it be programming, rapid prototyping, developing flow processes, it's up to you!


  • Home-1st
  • $1000.0
  • First Place : $1,000

  • Home-2nd
  • $500.0
  • Runners Up: $500



  • Friday
  • [05:00 pm - 06:00 pm] : Registration and networking

    [06:00 pm - 06:30 pm] : Hacking kicks off

  • Saturday
  • [05:00 pm - 6:00 pm] : Hacking ends and hacks submitted to Organizers

    [06:00 pm - 7:00 pm] : Hackathon presentations



Team Rules: Teams can consist of one member to a maximum of four members Deadline for team sign up is Aug18, 2017 Participation at the hackathon is subjected on ...

Team Rules:

  1. Teams can consist of one member to a maximum of four members
  2. Deadline for team sign up is Aug18, 2017
  3. Participation at the hackathon is subjected on a “per-team” basis meaning you are not allowed to be on more than one team at the event
  4. This is event is as much about mentoring and team building as it is about innovation and competition. Except for instances where it would significantly impede productivity, teams are encouraged to allow anybody who is interested in a project to join it.
  5. Changes to team members are not permitted on the day of the hackathon. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis as decided by the rules committee.
  6. All teams should have a Project/Team name during registration and should be available on projects page
  7. All member should join event through and should complete the 4 step process:
    • Create Profile
    • Join Event
    • Create Project
    • Add Teammates
    No exceptions will be made.

Project rules:

  1. Teams can either choose from the list of business problems provided or come up with their own
  2. Whole team must be present for the presentation/demo of the project to judges.
  3. No development may start before the actual date and time of the event.However, we encourage you to brainstorm ideas and create wireframes/mockups.
  4. Any software development tools, game engine, IDE, a programming language can be used for the event.
  5. You are permitted to use publicly developed API for your project. During final submission, mention of any publicly used API’s is mandatory with a “percentage” usage for your application. any code used off the internet must be attributed Submissions shortlisted for prizes will be code reviewed.
  6. Project design can be created prior to the start date of the hackathon.
  7. Intellectual property rights, guarantees, and release of responsibility- By participating in the hackathon and accepting these Regulations, each participant hereby:  declares that each prototype or mock-up presented is an original work and in no way violates, in whole or in part, the intellectual or industrial property rights of others and releases BETSOL from any and all responsibility, liability, or request for compensation for damages that should be made by any third party;  acknowledges that each prototype or mockup presented is the property of BETSOL, each team takes full responsibility for ensuring such rights of ownership, intellectual property and originality within the limits of the law (e.g. filing of patents and other such registrations as appropriate);


The final decisions of the judges are to be based on the following parameters:

  • Concept - Idea novelty and related innovation - 10 points
  • Quality of the design (UX/UI – Interaction) - 10 points
  • Quality of the technical implementation - 10 points
  • Quality of the presentation to the jury (ppt and video recording) - 10 points
  • Potential economical impact and sustainability - 10 points