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HandFree Cognitive Communicator

san Francisco


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Rashi King Abramson
Ronak Patel

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Product Manager Investor


Core Idea: Any application involving multiple human interaction and collective operation can be disrupted by Concept N. Ellobarated concept/application: Many commercial settings require non-intrusive human communication yet need awareness of surrounding. In hospitals, nurses and staff are instructed continuously and yet they need to be aware of hospital surrounding. Walky talky Disruption - Any application involving walkie talkie , whether its security services providers, constructions sites or event management, needs coordination among teams yet continuously communicate with on ground teams, Concept N will make it intuitive, like its part of their life. Data Science - Data parameters like geo location, run, walk, standing still that information could help in mapping teams activities and help managements of hospitals measure active and inactive regions of hospital. Effecienct of staff. It will give insites on live geo location of teams. Camera - Hospitals staff can share patient logs and medical devices reading in realtime with doctors. - event managers, security firms can have image proofs of critical incidents


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