Predict the price of products on E-shopping platforms



Technologies Used

Frontend - HTML/CSS/Bootstrap
Advanced Python
Machine learning

Project Team

Saipranav Koyyada
Designer Developer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Availability of multiple e-commerce shopping platforms often have the consumer tangled in a state of un-decidability for choosing the best buy for the product or commodity he is looking for. To flavour this confusion, the very often held sales and discounts by the e-commerce giants adds to this recipe of chaos further making the buyer question whether it is the right time to pick the deal or should he wait for the better one to come. Occasionally the right moves are played but often the price of the product falls post the purchase , making it hard for the user to digest the fact that he bought the thing for a higher price than it is worth now. To pacify this we are working on an interface that could guide you to make the right choice by: 1. Opting the best platform to shop for any given commodity. 2. Showcasing the history(Launch date, last price- fall,ratings,etc) of the product you are buying to help you know your product. 3. Predicting the next major price-fall the commodity may witness in a specified time frame(a week, a month or an year). 4. Providing a verdict of whether to buy the product or not at the existing point of time.