Honda Challenge: Honda Developer Studio is challenging developers to create a connected car application by utilizing a virtual connected car platform and API. Data will be provided through an API and developers can either use a variety of drive simulations or create their own simulated driving routes by adding routes into the trip simulator.

Grand Prize: Nexus 6 devices for each winning team member (up to six devices)
Additional Prize: Honda Developer T-shirt for every team member and team that integrates Android Auto into their application.

Sponsored by Honda  


Microsoft challenge: Create an innovative app using one or more of Microsoft’s API’s.

1st Prize: Microsoft Surface 3 Pro
2nd Prize: Microsoft Band

Sponsored by Microsoft  


Mojio Challenge: Create a Connected Car app that enhances the user experience behind the wheel, has utility, and best uses the Mojio’s API.

Grand prize: Mojio Business Builder Package ( A$5,000 Value!)

Sponsored by Mojio  


WaveMaker challenge for the Non Programmer: Use WaveMaker to assemble a web app with no/minimal coding to solve an existing problem, or show that you can quickly recreate an existing application.

WaveMaker Prize for the Non Programmer: Two Apple Watches or a DJI Phantom 3 drone or $1,200! (all team members must not be recent career developers)

WaveMaker challenge for Java Professional Developers: Build the best multi-device web application incorporating WaveMaker APIs that utilize rapid app development platform.

WaveMaker Pro-Developer 1st prize: 2 Apple Watches (or) a DJI Phantom 3
Professional (or) $1,200 cash
WaveMaker Pro-Developer 2nd prize: 1 Apple Watch (or) $600 cash