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Rody Thauvin
Dana Kianfar

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About this event

AngelHack Paris Fall 2013

Join us this Fall, for the largest Mobile App Hackathon, ever. Over 30 cities and 6,000 developers will join in to build stronger developer ecosystem around the world.

What makes AppHACK the best hackathon series on the planet? Developer bootcamps to teach Android and iOS development. 100's of developers and designers at the event for you to work with. 50% discount for all developers/designers who solve our riddle below. Incentives throughout the event to encourage teams helping one another. $100'000's in sponsor prizes. Fun toys and games spread throughout the venue. Great food and lots of it. Coding through the night (with pillows). Top teams entering the HACKcelerator pre-accelerator program. Sponsor awards, breakout sessions, and post-event parties Mandatory Demos. Banning of slide decks. And code reviews to ensure winning teams are within the rules.

What should I build? We want to see you build a mobile application. It can be done in HTML5, on iOS, Android, Appcelerator's Titanium etc etc. What matters is that it's mobile first. This is where we see the majority of opportunities right now and a place where your simple hackathon project can have impactful applications. Feel free to connect your app to wearables, in-car devices, and other hardware integrations that are being formed today. Who should attend? Junior developers looking to improve their skills, senior developers looking to jive with budding members of the community, designers of all skill-sets, and serious entrepreneurs that can add value to teams. Never built on Android or iOS before? Fear not, we'll do our part to have teachers on hand throughout the hackathon to help you get going with these new and needed skills. How is it judged? We're doing things a little different this time. Say goodbye to power-points. That's right, no power-points whatsoever. To present at AppHACK you must DEMO. Period dot the end. And everyone who wants to win AngelHack will have to demo their product for at least 30 seconds. Projects will be judged on a combination of originality, technological difficulty, viability and usefulness. We want to see new ideas, ideas that are useful, ideas that solve big problems, ideas that could potentially make money and ideas that get people excited.


  • Saturday
  • 9:00:00 Attendee Registration
    9:30:00 Coffee + breakfast networking

    10:00:00 Opening announcements from MC

    10:30:00 60 second attendee pitches lead by MC: Shwag Giveaways, Sponsor Talks, and Team Pitches
    11:00:00 Networking and chats
    12:00:00 Sponsor Breakout Sessions. Brought to you by Mailjet
    1:00:00 Lunch Served
    1:00:00 Official start of Hackathon
    2:00:00 Boot Camps. Android-Xavier Gouchet
    3:00:00 Boot Camps. IOS-Romain Perney
    4:00:00 Boot Camps. Windows-Christopher Maneu
    6:00:00 Happy Hour Brought to you by: Braintree! 7:00:00 Dinner

    <tr>0:00:00 Midnight Snacks

  • Sunday
  • 8:00:00 Breakfast
    12:00:00 Lunch Served
    1:00:00 Hackathon Ends. Deadline to Submit your project onto
    2:00:00 Demo Room 1
    2:00:00 Demo Room 2
    2:15:00 Judging Begins! 3 minute demos. 1 minute Q&A
    3:00:00 Main Stage
    3:00:00 Finalists announced
    4:00:00 Judges Deliberate
    4:30:00 Prizes + Finale



    The AngelHack Competition rules below are the same around the world and allow everyone at every location an equal opportunity for success. Fresh Code We all start coding at the same time. Pr...

    The AngelHack Competition rules below are the same around the world and allow everyone at every location an equal opportunity for success.

    1. Fresh Code We all start coding at the same time. Prior to this time you may work on your design, logo, wireframes, idea validation, digital mockups, you name it. But no coding can be done beforehand. This allows you to spend your time at AngelHack doing what you love best — HACKING!

    2. Code Review Winning teams will be subject to a code-review at some point following the event. This will be to ensure everything was built at the hackathon.

    3. It’s okay to Hack! Feel free to use any tools, tricks, gems, shortcuts, or workarounds you’ve discovered over the years to help you build quicker. Use any frameworks, hosting service, etc. you please.

    4. Ownership and IP Teams have full ownership of everything they build at our events and are free to do with it as they wish.

    5. Team Size Teams of up to 5 humans are allowed. You can also add 1 cyborg or Furby.

    6. What to Build Create a prototype of a solution to a problem that can’t be easily found anywhere else.

    7. Submissions Each hack will have a unique page and each team must list their project on by 1:00pm on Sunday.

    8. Have fun It’s a hackathon! Use whatever languages or hacks you have in your arsenal. Show us hardware. Show us new concepts. Show us anything you’d like.