Apartment Management

Realtime resident, visitor tracking by face recognition

San Francisco


Technologies Used

Web Services

Project Team

Aloke Das
Investor Entrepreneur Developer
Banasree Das
Entrepreneur Designer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


This application targets all residential apartments. The entry and exit process is manual in most of the apartments in the developing countries. This app automates this process. So it becomes faster and accurate. This app has two parts. Administrator part and user part. Administrator can be two or three people from the resident management body. The users are the owners and family members of all the apartments. Administrators should add, modify or delete users and user information from the database. Send notifications to users for various reasons. The users can see the information related to the society, update own information and other related information. The entry and exit point staffs can log entry and exit of visitors. Track movements of vendors and business people. Find out who is inside the apartment complex and how long they are staying. In future stage apartment maintenance bills can be paid by this app too. This app uses face recognition. At the entry point we will take a picture of the person entering. Then the picture will be sent to face recognition server. The entry or exit point guards will be able to know if the person is resident or an alien. As of now this is done by the guards’ familiarity with the residents, which is error prone. And if the guard is replaced then, to grow this familiarity, it takes few months. Visitors can be tracked very well. Time of entry and exit can be recorded from the picture. For frequent visitors this can reduce the time of logging information by using previous visit data from database. Staffs attendance can be tracked by this app also. How long they are at work can be judged for their payment. Wrong parking, illegal parking of vehicles can be tracked. Owners or visitors can be informed in this case. Estate manager and administrator can use this app to send notifications of events, meetings, bill payment and important notifications.