All code must be FRESH – that’s how we keep these things fair. Prior to the hackathon you can create wireframes, designs, and user flows. You can come with hardware. But to make things completely fair all code must be laid down at the hackathon. Other than that, most anything goes. You can work with friends in other cities and use any coding languages or open-source libraries you’d like.

1. Fresh Code

We all start coding at the same time. This is done to keep things fair. Please don’t come in and build on top of previous projects if you want to win. It’s cool to wok on designs beforehand, digital mockups, open source frameworks, and anything else available to everyone, but try to keep things within just limits.

2. Code Review

Winning teams will be subject to a code-review at some point following the event or immediately before winning.

3. Ownership and IP

Teams have full ownership of everything they build at our events and are free to do with it as they wish.

4. Team Size

Teams of up to 5 humans are allowed. You can also add 1 cyborg, Furby, drone, or Sphero.

5. Submissions

Each hackathon has it’s individual page, which projects should be submitted on. Submission time is normally 12:00 PM Sunday unless stated otherwise. For Mumbai, submit your hacks here -

6. DEMO your Hack

You must demo your hack in order to present. No slide-decks or power-points will be allowed. Don’t be scared if you didn’t finish… it’s okay long as you tried your best.

7. Have fun

It’s a hackathon! Use whatever languages or hacks you have in your arsenal. Show us hardware. Show us new concepts. Show us anything you’d like.