1. Coding Language: Applications may be built in any code that you please.

  2. Fresh Code: You can use APIs, open source libraries, previously built hardware, sprites, wireframes, and any design elements you’d like, but all back-end code must be new. You can work on the concept for your application before the competition starts, make digital mockups, even database entity diagrams. However, no production assets of any kind can be created until the start of the official competition period.

  3. Ownership and IP: Teams have full ownership of everything they build at our events and are free to do with it as they wish.

  4. Teams of One to Five Humans: Teams should be comprised of between one and five individuals. No more than five people are allowed on a team. No robots, aliens, or superheroes, but please feel free to dress up as one!

  5. Submissions: Each team must submit their project on hackathon.io in order to demo. Submissions are due by 2pm on Sunday.

  6. Presentations: Presentations will start at 2:30pm on Sunday. You will have 2 minutes to present and then the judges will ask you 1-3 questions. After your 2 minutes are up you will be asked to stop your demo, so please ensure you prepare and get everything all in.

  7. You Will Be Judged: We are looking for great ideas and the top talent who can build them. Judges will look for hackers that can build completed prototypes and teams, which they believe could turn it into a working product within 8 weeks.

  8. Winning: The top teams in every city will be paired with angel investor mentors and given until January 24th to turn their hacks into finished products. During this time you can change your idea, team members, team name, or anything else; the route you and your ideas go is completely up to you.