• Saturday, May 04, 2013
    • 9:00 AM Attendee Registration
    • 9:00 AM Coffee + breakfast networking
    • 10:00 AM Opening announcements, team building and start
    • 1:00 PM Lunch
    • 6:30 PM Pizza
    • stay until midnight (or the whole night)

    Information for overnight stay

    The venue (ImmobilienScout24) has a gym room with gym mats where you can sleep. It's not too comfy but if you bring your sleeping bag it should work out okay. At our last hackathon people slept there and it was fine. They said the air ventilation could be heard so we will give you ear plugs to make sure you can sleep. If you want to use that, just bring your sleeping bag. There are also separate showers for men and women. Bring a towel, too.

  • Sunday, May 05, 2013
    • 8:00 AM Coffee
    • 9:00 AM Breakfast
    • 12:00 PM Lunch
    • 2:00 PM Hackathon ends: Deadline to submit your project here on hackathon.io
    • 2:30 PM Judging
    • 6:00 PM End.