Kindle Fire + AWS Credit

Distribute Android apps in nearly 200 countries on Amazon and Kindle Fire. Many developers, including TinyCo and Noodlecake Studios, have reported strong monetization on Amazon, and in May, we’ll be distributing tens of millions of dollars of Amazon Coins to U.S. Kindle Fire customers to spend on apps, games, and in-app items on Kindle Fire.

If you already have an Android app, there’s a good chance it already works on Kindle Fire—over 75% of Android apps we’ve tested work on Kindle Fire with no additional work required. Get started today.

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Spheros (4x)

The PayPal Developer program is the face of technology innovation at PayPal. Using open source foundations in their technology stacks, PayPal is constructing new breeds of payment platforms, API standards, and identity systems to support the next generation of disruptive technology. Building upon these open themes has culminated into a scalable, easily implementable architecture for integrating commerce-based functionality into your prototypes, merchant integrations, or any development projects you can dream up.

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Voyager Legend UC Headsets

These Voyager Legend headsets will also be given out to any and all teams that want to use our SDK in their solution, as they will need the headset to test any code.

The Plantronics Developer Connection (PDC) is an online community, focused on helping developers who want to learn about and code with the Plantronics Spokes SDK. Using the Spokes SDK, developers can build apps that integrate the context-aware functionality found in Plantronics headsets. By visiting the Plantronics Developer Connection, developers will find white papers, developer guides, monitored forums, sample code, tutorials and many other “getting started” articles. The Plantronics Developer Connection also showcases companies that have already partnered with Plantronics and features a section which highlights their current solutions and apps.

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