Amazon Prize

Attends our breakout session:

• $100 in AWS credit

Show an app running on Kindle Fire in your presentation:

• $25 Amazon gift card per person • Marketing support for your app

The best presentation that uses a Kindle Fire:

• Kindle Fire HD per person • $1000 AWS credit for the team • Marketing support for your app

Sponsored by Amazon Prize

We're giving away an AppleTV + $100 in gift cards to the iTunes store!

Sponsored by Context.IO

Mashape Prize


  1. Springsense (Meaning Recognition):

$500 Amazon gift card $1000 per month of API usage for a year

  1. (Recommendation engine):

1st place - 1 yr subscription at Advanced user level 2nd place - 1 yr subscription at advanced user level 3rd place - 3 mo. subscription and feature on our website

  1. Skybiometry (Face recognition):

Prize of subscription to our service in 300 EUR of value. It can be our standard (40000 calls per month, 1000 trained images database capacity) subscription for half of the year (Unlock code: AngelHackNYC2013).

Skybiometry Plans:

  1. Valid 14 days after start of the respective event regardless of activation time
  2. 5000 API calls, 1000 hourly limit, 5000 daily limit

Instructions to unlock special plans for the Skybiometry in hackathon:

  1. Sign or create account (additionally to Mashape account) at
  2. After login, go to “Account” page and under “Subscription” section select “upgrade or change”
  3. After “Select subscription” page appears, enter unlock code to “Special offer unlock code:” field and press “Unlock” button
  4. After additional subscription plan appears, press “Upgrade” button under it
  5. Press “Confirm” button in popped up dialog box

Sponsored by Mashape

Microsoft Prize

Best Windows Phone / Best Windows 8 App: Surface RT + $800

Best Windows Azure App : Surface RT + $800

Sponsored by Microsoft


Two Spheros for the most innovative use of the Paypal API.

Sponsored by PayPal


Rasberry Pi Kit goes to the best project using VoiceBunny API.

Use twitter hashtag (#AngelHackNYC) in the gift code box gets anyone $100 VoiceBunny credit.

Sponsored by Voicebunny