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    JavaScript· Ruby

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    check seats availablity around your location.

    Android· golang· Amazon EC2· Amazon RDS· NFC Tag· Amazon ML

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    detect health from voice

    Amazon AWS

    AI application with Electronic Pulse Massager

    PHP· Amazon AWS· SendGrid· MySQL· Bluetooth LE· Twitter Bootstrap3

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    New management tools for multi service.

    PHP· Python· Android· node.js· Microsoft Azure

    Recompose Baby Sensor

    Childcare support growth device

    JavaScript· Ajax framework· html/css· Raspberry Pi

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    Speaker Recognition (話者認識)

    Suggest who is speaking from audio data

    PHP· Android· Voice Recognation· TTS· iphone· Agent

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    Send letters with suitable words created from AI

    node.js· Redis· IBM WATSON · bluemix

    AM9 for TEAM

    Change your life with your teammates.

    Facebook Open Graph· Express.js· nodejs· bluemix


    Saving you during critical emergency times

    PHP· Ionic Framework· AngularJS· bluemix· Cluster point

    Ring Fighter

    Real fighting game with Ring

    node.js· Amazon AWS· Swift· WebSockets

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    No bounty no life

    More bounty more fun!!

    HTML5· bluemix· PHP with Blend of HTML and CSS

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    Airbnb for Leisure Supplies

    Objective-C· Python· flask· MariaDB


    Airbnb for Hobby Lovers

    Objective-C· Python· flask· MariaDB

    Virtual Ad

    Mobile WebVR in 360 video ads

    JavaScript· WebVR· Web3D

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    Glance Navigation -パッと見ナビ-

    Find your direction at a glance!

    Yahoo Open Location Platform


    Keyword based foods search engine

    Python· S3· Android· docker· Amazon EC2· JSON Requests


    Never Regeret On Your Date

    Python· MySQL· database· iOS· IOS Design


    Become Wizard, Cast your spell with magical Ring

    AppleScript· nodejs· Python Flask· Bootstrap· Ringzero


    Matching service for artists and clients.

    PHP· MySQL· HTML5· bluemix· Smarty

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