Grand Prize: AngelHack HACKcelerator

An Exclusive invite to our HACKcelerator Program

Sponsor Prize: Amazon Web Services

  • Challenge: As the IoT becomes more and more prevalent we're interested in seeing how people can connect IoT devices with AWS to collect data from previously unrecorded sources. What can you do with that data and what problems can you solve?
  • Prize: $100 AWS Credits for all participants.

Sponsored by Amazon Web Services  

Sponsor Prize: ClusterPoint

  • Challenge: Build any web or mobile applications, which uses Clusterpoint Cloud as back-end database solution.
  • Prize: Clusterpoint Global Competition - $10,000 will be awarded to the best team that utilizes the Clusterpoint Cloud as a backend database in their project built during an Angelhack hackathon. Winners will be announced within 1 week after the series end.

Sponsor Prize: Odesk

Prize: $500 voucher to use on oDesk to kick-start your business!