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    Precaution before disaster

    Android· HERE MAPS API· weather api· Google Location API


    An app that helps parents detect cyber-bullying

    Frontend - HTML/CSS/Bootstrap· Push Notification· Google Chrome Extension· Flask· TensorFlow· Convolutional Neural Networks


    Plastic management and recovery

    Java· Android· XML· firebase

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    Plan A Plant

    Everything that is plants

    Android· Firebase API

    The Guardian

    Intelligent health partner

    Android· AI· NLTK· IOT· IBM Bluemix-Speech to Text· Machine learning


    Ensure quality communication in corporate

    JavaScript· Android· Frontend - HTML/CSS/Bootstrap· XAMPP· Nodejs· google text to speech api

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    Intruder detection and Digital Authorization using Facial Dete...

    Twilio API· OpenCV· Face recognition· Intermediate:Python

    Smart Health Prediction

    Just predicit the suspected disease and suggest the docter

    Front end

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    Dhvani - Sharing a Voice!

    An Augmentative and Alternative Communication device for peopl...

    OpenCV· ReactJS· Caffe· Django· Advanced Python· TensorFlow

    Reinforced Roads

    Intelligent system for accident management

    Android· OpenCV· IBM WATSON · TensorFlow· keras

    Application to Locate Items present in store inventories in Re...

    Python· GoogleMaps· TypeScript· keras· Ionic3· angular5


    An app that determines the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables...

    Android· Firebase API· Bootstrap· Node.js· TensorFlow


    Legal service Assistant

    JavaScript· Frontend - HTML/CSS/Bootstrap· MySQL· backend-php

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    Eye of Horus

    Optimizing inventory, production and sales management of FMCG ...

    Deep Learning· Advanced Python· TensorFlow


    Reducing coffee consumption at office and generating calorific...

    Python· Machine Learning· Camera Modules· Flask· MEAN · UI

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    Real-time collaborative code editor

    node.js·· PeerJs· npm· ExpressJS· Bootstrap

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    Freelancer centric efficient co-working

    JavaScript· Python· Frontend - HTML/CSS/Bootstrap· PayPal api· IOT· backend-php

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    Freelancer centric efficient co-working

    JavaScript· Python· PayPal· Frontend - HTML/CSS/Bootstrap· backend-php

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    Your personal guardian

    Google Maps API