Grand Prize: AngelHack HACKcelerator

An Exclusive invite to our HACKcelerator Program

Sponsored by Angelhack

Sponsor Prize: Amazon Web Services

  • Prize: $100 AWS Credits + AWS Technical Training ($600) + $80 credit for self-places labs + 1 month AWS support ($100)
  • Link:

Sponsored by Amazon Web Services  

Sponsor Prize: Clusterpoint

  • Challenge: Build any web or mobile applications, which uses Clusterpoint Cloud as back-end database solution.
  • Prize: Clusterpoint Global Competition - $10,000 will be awarded to the best team that utilizes the Clusterpoint Cloud as a backend database in their project built during an AngelHack hackathon. Winners will be announced within 1 week after the series end. Additionally, any participant who signs up for Clusterpoint will receive $2500 in Clusterpoint Cloud credits.
  • Link:

Sponsored by Clusterpoint  

Sponsor Prize: EERS

  • The team with the best audio project will be awarded two (2) eers custom earphones.

Sponsor Prize: Emotiv EPOC

  • The team with the best project using the Emotiv EPOC will be awarded one (1) Emotiv EPOC.

Sponsor Prize: IBM Bluemix

  • Challenge: Create an app showing innovative use of Bluemix
  • Prize: Winners will receive access to the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program for Cloud Start-ups with $12K in Cloud Credit and will be eligible for up to $120,000 of free IBM Cloud credit.
  • Link:

Sponsored by IBM Bluemix  

Sponsor Prize: InteraXon Muse

  • The team with the best project using the Muse sensing headband will be awarded one (1) Muse sensing headband.

Sponsor Prize: OpenBCI

  • The team with the best project using the OpenBCI will be awarded one (1) OpenBCI kit.