AngelHack Prize:

AngelHack Prize: The winning team from each hackathon will receive an invite into AngelHack’s HACKcelerator program.

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Code For A Cause Impact Award Prize:

Code For A Cause Impact Award Prize: One Impact Award will be given out at each event. At the end of the Global Hackathon Series, the top Impact Award projects will be chosen by an expert judging panel including; Chan Zuckerberg, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative; and more. These top five teams will receive an official invite into the HACKcelerator.

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Challenge: Get ready for Call for Code with this preliminary challenge to improve logistics based on traffic and weather activity. Create an application that helps build resilient communities, and safeguards the health and well-being of individuals and institutions. Use the IBM Code Patterns for inspiration to kickstart your solutions or build your idea and services provided by the IBM Cloud.


• Virtual: At the end of the AngelHack Global Series, a First and Second Place team will be announced. Submit your project here

• First Place: $7500 USD to be split amongst the winning team.

• Second Place $2500 USD to be split amongst the winning team.

• Each submission receives 1000 cloud credits on IBM Cloud

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Amazon Web Services

$100 AWS credits to all attendees:

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Challenge #1. Betting on a blockchain. There are a lot of centralized sports betting platforms. Blockchain is great for that kind of trustless relations. Implement betting platform using Waves Smart Contracts and Data Transactions. Bookmakers should be able to publish information about sports events and set spread, bettors should be able to place their wagers, results of events should be available in blockchain (hint: use data transactions). When the event is over, depending on the results, bettors or bookmakers should be able to get money.

Challenge #2. Escrow for ICOs. Waves is a second most popular platform for ICOs, because it's easy to issue tokens and work with them. Escrows are one of the best ways for securing investors, their funds, and their trust. The role of escrows in ICO campaign is the proper provision or supervision of the obligations imposed on a service provider as stated in the project’s official documents for the startup. They are instituted to ensure that projects proceed as promised, otherwise, funds are not released to the development team. Implement escrow service for Waves using Smart Contracts and Data Transactions.

Prize: For each challenge we will give 500 WAVES.

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JPMorgan & Chase

Background: According to Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department, food waste contributes to over 30% of Hong Kong’s total waste, totaling over 3,400 tonnes. The Hong Kong government is currently aiming to reduce food waste disposal to landfills by at least 40% by 2022.

Challenge: Think about how technology can be used to help reduce food waste in Hong Kong. Develop a web or mobile app, interactive game, or other technology platform that would incentivize citizens, businesses, or government to address this issue.

You can also consider one of the themes/questions below:

• How can technology better educate the public on resources available to them to help reduce food waste?

• Are there ways that individuals can leverage technology to help contribute to reducing food waste?

• How can technology be used to help Hong Kong’s restaurants, grocery stores, and other businesses to reduce or repurpose their food waste?

• How can you leverage technology to help redistribute food to those most in need?

Prize: 1 Amazon Echo Show per winning team member

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