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Madison Andermahr
Matt Wright

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About this event

A Welcome Note

Over the years we’ve seen teams of coders, designers and entrepreneurs from around the world become Whole Developers, watched as their Thoughts Become Things, and prove that Anyone Can Code. We’ve seen the code commit moment over and over again. The “oh sh*t I hope this works” moment. The moment where you know your hopes and dreams of winning that prize, that spot in the accelerator, that idea validation, are all on the line.

So, for our 10th Global Hackathon Series, we’re asking you to Commit To Your Code, and in turn commit to your project, a global ecosystem, yourself, your team, and your future.

#AH10 is here.


Prizes are not published


  • Saturday
  • Schedule|日程

    Day 1|第一天

    09:00 Doors Open & Breakfast |开幕与早餐

    10:30 Opening Ceremony & Sponsor Welcomes |开幕与赞助商致辞

    12:00 Coding Kick Off |开始编程

    13:00 Lunch |午餐

    14:00 Sponsor Breakout Sessions (until 16:00) |赞助商工作坊(直到16:00)

    19:00 Dinner |晚餐

    19:30 Screening of Seed |黑客天使纪录片

    22:00 Pitch Workshop |宣讲加油站

    00:00 Create project profile on, final submission due 13:00 (Day 2)|开始在hackathon.io创建项目档案,上传于第二天13:00截止

  • Sunday
  • Day 2 |第二天

    08:00 Breakfast |早餐

    12:00 Lunch |午餐

    13:00 Code Freeze & Submission Deadline on |停止编程,项目档案上传截止

    13:30 A/V Check

    14:00 Demos |路演

    16:00 Winners are Announced/Prizes! |获奖者宣布与颁奖



Rules are not published.