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30 projects
    Yellow Giraffe

    A Voice Augmented Collaborative Suite

    amazon alexa· Alexa Voice Service

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    on-demand social fitness

    nodejs· SharePoint· angular· Basic MEAN stack

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    Split bills by sending a receipt picture to a facebook messeng...


    Military Connect

    On-boarding tool to diversify tech.

    Go· JavaScript· Amazon AWS· Amazon EC2· Amazon S3· css

    Shoot like a Pro

    A android camera app which rates your picture in real time

    flickr· Advanced Python·


    Explore Your Physical Library

    Ruby on Rails· PostgreSQL· Node.js· Google Vision API· Amazon Alexa· Google Books API

    Project Swordphish

    Protect brands and consumers

    Chrome· JavaScript· Amazon AWS· ReactJS· Highcharts· iPython Notebook

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    Natural General Language Syntax

    Compiles English into common programming languages

    TypeScript· gls


    Graffiti The City To Promote Coexistence.

    ReactJS· Google API


    Guides you step by step through a recipe

    Java· Python· Android· flask· Beautiful Soup


    Meet & play with dogs nearby

    Swift· XCode


    Discover the content you want in the podcast universe

    Bash· JavaScript· Python· CSS· Sketch· HTML


    Smart Pet Feeder

    OpenCV· Raspberry Pi· Python Flask· Computer Vision

    Project Love

    Fight violent extremism with a ChatBot

    Facebook Messenger Platform

    Alexa, What's Cooking?

    Amazon Echo Enabled Recipe Guide

    Java· Amazon AWS· Github· Gradle· Amazon Echo· AWS Lambda


    Helping businesses connect with customers

    QrCode· Flask· basic: Python

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    Date tracking & safety application in honor of Nicole White

    Android· HERE MAPS API

    Me Time

    help people incrementally improve themselves

    Azure· LUIS· c#· Bot Framework

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    RAMPing up getting around.


    Automated ATC

    Automated ATC for non-towered airports

    Python· DynamoDB· AWS Lambda· Alexa

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