Grand Prize: An exclusive invite to our HACKcelerator

A 12-week Curriculum to turn your hackathon idea into a startup reality

A diverse network of both local and global mentors

Weekly guest speakers

A chance to fly to Silicon Valley for our Annual Global Demo Day and participate in a week of extensive pitch training!

Amazon Web Services

Prize: $200 in AWS Credits per person through AWS Activate

Sponsored by AWS

JUMO / GSMA Challenge:

JUMO / GSMA Challenge:

• Build the best Online Merchant Payment
o Implement a merchant payment to communicate with the Mobile Money API
o Bonus points for use of Identity Trust via a third party (IDP, OAuth, SAML Assertion, MS ADFS, OpenID, Amazon Cognito, Mobile Connect serve as examples)
o (web/native/ussd)

• Create a new payments experience: Mobile app, QR code or NFC
o Use device centric hardware to innovate and streamline a user experien
ce that uses the Mobile Money API to complete an action
o Examples include Bluetooth, NFC, Location Services and QR codes
o (native/web)

• Build a new interface for mobile money account management and payments to various partners
o MSISDN and associated balance to be established and maintained by the developed solution/product or its’ services
o Facilitating payments to different vendors of different verticals (utility bills, vendor balance top ups, pay for a transport service… ) is encouraged
o (web/native/ussd)

• Best Innovative Business Product Overall

JUMO / GSMA Prizes
• AWS credits 1K, 500, 250
• Lego Sets - Big, M & Small
• Tickets to M360 Dar Es Salaam

Facebook Messenger Challenge

Facebook Messenger Challenge (up to 3 per team only!)

The Bots for Messenger Developer Challenge is looking for the most innovative bots on Messenger in MEA focused on:

• Gaming and Entertainment
• Productivity and Utility
• Social Good
All going for this challenge encouraged to attend the FB Messenger Session Wednesday the 22nd 4-6PM and/or 6-9PM
Some other materials to help you get started with the FB Messenger Challenge:
• Go through “” Bot Building Tutorial
• Intro to Bots

• Top 5 teams: 1 bag of Facebook swag and goodies for each member of the top 5 Bot teams
• 1st and 2nd placed teams: Extra facebook swag and goodies for the top 2 teams + 1 hour of Facebook mentorship to refine the bot
• 1st team: Extra facebook swag for the top placed team + 1 additional hour of Facebook mentorship to refine bot + Gear VR and Mobile phone set for each member of the winning team.

ALL hackathon teams eligible for larger Messenger Challenge running until April 28:
• one of the 3 first place cash prizes of $20 000
• one of the 3 runner up cash prizes of $10 000
• one of the 30 finalist prizes of a Gear VR and mobile phone
• up to $40,000 USD in tools and services from
• hours of Facebook mentorship to refine their Messenger Bot