Grand Prize: An exclusive invite to our HACKcelerator

A 12-week Curriculum to turn your hackathon idea into a startup reality

A diverse network of both local and global mentors

Weekly guest speakers

A chance to fly to Silicon Valley for our Annual Global Demo Day and participate in a week of extensive pitch training!

Sponsored by HACKcelerator  

Amazon Web Services

Credits for all attendees! $200 in AWS Credits per person through AWS Activate

Link: https://pages.awscloud.com/hckaws17.html

Sponsored by AWS   https://pages.awscloud.com/hckaws17.html


Challenge: Fight violent extremism in order to foster peace and coexistence through technology.

Prize: $500 USD cash prize for winning team

From the 25 finalist teams, a top 3 teams will be selected by an esteemed panel of judges to receive a $2500 travel stipend per team to travel to London and pitch to leading investors for continued support of their solution.

Sponsored by GovTech  


Challenge #1: Create an algorithm that would connect consumer complaints data with manufacturing process data to identify process root causes of later consumer complaints, and consequently trends that could be affecting shelf quality.

Prize 1: $2,000 to the winning team.

Challenge #2: Create a text analytics-based tool to analyze consumer complaints verbatim to find keyword trends and develop a tool that will ease the analysis process.

Prize 2: $2,000 to the winning team.

Challenge #3: How can we better use data analysis to capture online store consumer complaints in a more efficient and systematic way?

Prize 2: $2,000 to the winning team.

Sponsored by P&G  

Amazon Alexa

Challenge: Best Voice User Experience Using Amazon Alexa

Prize: One Echo Dot for each member of the winning team

Amazon Alexa is providing a hardware lab, there will be a limited number of Echo Dots available for rent. If you wish to incorporate Alexa and are worried about not getting a device, you can bring your own device from home or test using EchoSim.io.

Sponsored by Amazon Alexa  


Prize: 5000 free API calls to all attendees and the grand prize winner will receive 5000 free API calls a month for one whole year

Link: http://restb.ai/angelhack/

Sponsored by Restb.ai   http://restb.ai/angelhack/