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Francesco Andreoli

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About this event

Global Hackathon Series 2019

The Global Hackathon Series was initially started by a small community of technologists with one goal in mind: to develop opportunity wherever possible.

What started as a way for creators to connect and move their ideas forward turned into a global revolution. Soon, innovators from around the world were joining forces to elevate themselves and their platform - all of which was done through Hackathons.

And while we’ve seen lots of changes since the early Hackathon days, one thing has remained the same - innovators are continuing to rise. Innovators rise to meet opportunity, they rise from failure, they rise from all corners of the globe, and they lend a hand to help others rise with them. It’s why the Global Hackathon Series is still going strong to this day, because Hackathons and the opportunities they create allow people to rise, together.


  • Home-1st
  • AngelHack
  • <strong>AngelHack Challenge:</strong> Challenge yourself and your entrepreneurial spirit. Make something in...

  • Home-2nd
  • AWS Prize
  • Challenge: Use <a href="">AWS Amplify</a> to build a mobile or web applicati...

  • Home-3rd
  • IBM Prize:
  • <strong>Challenge: </strong> Use one or more IBM Cloud services (for example, web, mobile, data, analytics,...



  • Saturday
  • Day 1
    9:00 Doors Open & Breakfast
    10:00 Opening Ceremony, Sponsor Welcomes, & Team Building
    11:00 Prototyping Begins!
    12:00 Lunch
    13:00 – 22:00 Working on Prototypes; Mentoring
    13:30 IBM Breakout Session: Call for Code
    14:00 AWS Breakout Session
    18:00 Dinner
    20:00 Pitch Workshop
    22:00 Doors Close

  • Sunday
  • Day 2
    9:00 Doors Open & Breakfast
    10:00 Practice Pitch Session
    12:00 Lunch
    13:00 Code Freeze & Submission Deadline
    13:30 A/V Check
    14:00 Demos
    16:00 Winners are Announced / Prizes!
    17:00 Goodbye Drinks
    18:00 Close Doors



We know some rules are meant to be broken, but you should probably (read: definitely) stick by these: <...

We know some rules are meant to be broken, but you should probably (read: definitely) stick by these:

  1. Fresh Code – We all start coding at the same time. It’s cool to work on designs beforehand, digital mockups, open source frameworks, and anything else available to everyone, but keep things within fair limits.

  2. Code Review – Winning teams may be subject to a code-review at some point following the event or immediately before winning. This is to ensure that all code used is in fact fresh.

  3. Ownership and IP – You own your IP and whatever you create. Simple as that.

  4. Team Size – No more than five people.

  5. Submissions – Each hackathon has its individual hackathon.iopage where projects need to be submitted by the designated time. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to do just that.

  6. Demos – You’ll have 2 minutes to demo the functionality of your project and talk through your idea, and 1 minute for Q&A from judges.

  7. Be courteous and cool to your fellow hackers! Check out our Code of Conduct.