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Melissa White

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Let's be honest -- if you care about music and your headphones, Bluetooth with its compression is not going to cut it. Oh, that dongle they make you use to connect your perfectly fine headphones? Good luck not loosing that between the seats on your next flight. And what about your high-end headphones with high impedance that sound amazing on your hi-fi system but won't work at all with the weak signal coming from a phone? ModAmp allows you to bring your wired headphones along with you and turn it up all the way to 11! Sporting a powerful amplifier, volume wheel and of course 3.5mm headphone jack, the ModAmp gets rid of all the clutter you normally introduce into your life by using a portable amplifier. There is no cable running from your phone to the amplifier, no rubber bands to sandwhich this thing to your phone and you don't have to charge yet another device over night. The ModAmp comes with its own internal battery that lasts up to 72 hours and get charged automatically while you charge your phone! That's right, instead of draining your smartphone's battery, the ModAmp instead gives you some extra juice while you are not listening to music. ModAmp does not only amplify your phone's audio signal, it also comes with its own DAC for enhanced audio quality worthy of your expensive headphones and the ability to tailor the sound to your personal preferences. The ModAmp companion app allows you to tweak every frequency using its own equalizer. Did we mention that it also has a pretty cool visualizer on top of that? ModAmp - bring back that headphone jack and turn it up to 11! (What if you want to use your old iPod Classic with the amplifier? Don't worry, the ModAmp also works while detached from the phone and has a standard 3.5mm AUX input for hooking it up to any audio source you might encounter)


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