Anyone can learn to write! From early kinder gardeners just picking up on motor skills, to an adult that wants to learn Chinese AlphaStep teaches you how to write.



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Binam Kayastha

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While there are already a handful of tracing apps out there for teaching English, there aren't many for other languages. These apps are built so that every level has to be coded individually--is there a way to automate this? AlphaStep is a web app powered by the Wacom WILL SDK that solves exactly this problem, by teaching anyone to write by giving them tracing guidelines. The app supports writing in multiple languages, fonts and sizes for all ages. The user can then track their progress as they complete different levels. The app is very easy to configure for new languages, fonts and font sizes. The app was built out using AngularJS so that the views are all data driven. Furthermore, because we are using the HTML5 canvas, all of the letters are simply UTF-8 characters. These features mean that in order to add new levels a few lines just have to be added to the database (: In the future, we would like to publish this out as a phonegap and electron app. Furthermore, as more users use the app, we can use Machine Learning to better predict whether the user is able to accurately trace the letter. We had a lot of fun starting this during the hackathon, and we believe that this could change the way kids/adults learn to write new languages!


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