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Simeon Gow

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The AEC Hackathon is the largest pan-global not-for-profit event that helps shape the future of our built environment and construction, with events across the world. Formatted as a traditional "hack," the AEC Hackathon provides a playful, exploratory environment where disruption, innovation, and creative ideas are brought to life. The focus of the event is not on technology for technology's sake, but to hack into traditional processes and workflows of the AEC (Architectural, Engineering and Construction) industry to generate innovation.

The event will also segway into this year’s Digital Construction Week, providing a great start to this year’s largest digital construction industry show globally. Find out more here:

UK-based construction companies and organisations will present real industry problems that can be solved by technology solutions, then teams will form, create solutions and present them back to the companies on Sunday afternoon. Following this, winning teams will be invited to present their work at the Digital Construction Week, taking place on 17-18th October. The event is open to all interested developers, start-ups, industry professionals and students and will cost £10 per attendee on the door to secure a place at the event.

Event location here: Knowledge Transfer Network, BUSINESS DESIGN CENTRE, 52 Upper St, London, N1 0QH

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