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frederick tubiermont
Nils Van Brabant
Berenger LAURENT
Alexandru Petrisor
Developer Designer

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the adsy concept originated at AngelHack London in November 2012, 5 months ago. We have designed a mobile-first platform that will enable anyone carrying a smartphone to create & share beautiful mobile apps on the go (i.e. using their smartphone, not a desktop tool). The platform is a mobile WEB app, distributed on the open web outside the app stores walled gardens. The apps created by the adsy users are easy to share via email or on any social network since they are basically short URLs. No need to download anything. They open nicely in mobile browsers and can be bookmarked to the homescreen (best done on iOS) for an amazing full screen experience. At the moment the creation app is iOS6+ optimized for iphone / ipod touch and we're working on porting the app to Firefox OS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. This will be implemented before the summer. The app will also be distributed as a WEB app on those platforms, no native wrapper. if you have an iphone (4+), you can already start creating your apps by typing in your safari browser. During the hackaton WE, we have finalized the publication & sharing process and have designed the basic activity stream. We have also created a few test apps including tutorials fully designed with our own platform (nice proof of concept ;-)). The beta version is now open to early adopters on (reminder: now available for iphone/ipod, iOS6+). Feel free to send us your comments to We're actively looking for mobile html5/javascript/css3 wizards to join our exciting project. We're about to close our seed round and the buzz around the app is very encouraging. The journey has just started ! Have fun with adsy ! Cheers. Frédérick


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