JUDGING: There will be multiple rounds of judging as described below:

Challenge Rounds: During the hackathon start and end time, your teams will be asked to participate in numerous Challenges that will test your; team building and critical thinking skills. Each challenge will occur at periodic times throughout the event. Teams must designate the appropriate numbers of players per challenge to compete. Challenges will range from physical challenges to strategic, intellectual challenges. After each challenge is complete the teams will get a score from 0-10 points. The points from all of the challenges will be added to the final app demo score to give the grand total score per team.

Demo Round: In the Demo Round, a panel of judges will evaluate each Entry
immediately after its demonstration using a combination of judging criteria:
• Creativity – Are you building something that no one has seen before? (0-5 points)
• Simplicity – Can you explain the value proposition in 2 sentences or less? (0-5 points)
• Impact – How impactful can this idea be? (0-5 points); and
• Design – Quality of design (0-5 points).
The points awarded for the four criteria above will be added together, resulting in a total score of 0 to 20 from each judge. The Qualification Round score for an Entry will be the average of all total scores awarded by the judges.