CORAL assists the SMBs via data, AI & Alexa Echo Show


Technologies Used

weather api
Worldpay API
Amazon Echo Show
AWS Lambda Nodejs

Project Team

Catherine Rhee

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


CORAL assists the SMB {small-medium business) brick-and-mortar stores by giving advice to optimize sales by enhancing environment ambience, predict purchase patterns and deliver instant discounts to capture immediate sales and deliver a great experience for the consumers. More and more shoppers are turning to online purchases. Brick-and-mortar stores are closing due to the decrease of sales. Even Large Retailers like Macy’s is closing 100 stores, Sports Authority closed 460 stores and more stores are to be closed. Small-Medium Retailers are having even more of a harder time. Consumers are more inclined to use the internet and social media to gather information to make purchases and just use the brick-and-mortar stores as a “showroom” without any purchases. Online Retailers like Amazon offer customers with plethora of information, reviews and product comparisons in seconds with ease. Small-Medium Retailers don’t have the resources nor the means to pay for experts and/or services. So how can small business brick-and-mortar stores compete for sales? CORAL is here to save the day! CORAL uses the data to correlate the weather, foot traffic, local events happening in the city to predict and determine what products to purchase in advance and give instant discounts to capture sales immediately and give a better experience by the music and lighting as well. Retailers can equip stores with Alexa Echo Show devices that speeds up the check-out process, uses a customer’s purchase history to suggest products and also target customers with a smart coupon system instantly to drive in-store sales. Businesses need to adopt new technology like CORAL that allows retailers to empower employees and customers with information, while leveraging it to transform the shopping experience so that it is easy and fun.


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