is invaluable in popular or hard to organize environments lighting up the photo card from an app making it a manager’s dream, shoppers guide and a pickers savior.


Technologies Used

Particle SDK
Advanced iOS

Project Team

Zachary Thomas Abraham
Entrepreneur Developer
Entrepreneur Developer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor

About is an IOT solution which has wide application in improving operation efficiency in manufacturing, fulfillment and other areas.One simple application is an intelligent bot which assists with finding items or finding people informing highlighting their turn. In a restaurant, doctors office ,bakery or anywhere where there are waiting lines this sleek card lights up to inform the person its their turn.Take the sleek credit card size card and feel free to roam as the doctor,hotel owner pings when they are ready for you. In a movie theatre it helps you identify your seat.This cloud hosted application sends signals from the mobile app from the manager to the card lighting it up reducing the burden of long wait lines. In a highly complex warehouse like that of Amazon’s where pickers need to pick items efficiently allowing them to handle volume of items to be shipped on high volume days like Cyber Monday.Pickers constantly, and more or less silently, walk up and down the assigned aisles, pushing carts into which they deposit items purchased by someone, somewhere online. It is not possible for the picker to memorize all the item locations as they can be random. When you order an item online, the Amazon system quickly works out picker. “It’s not about learning where things are, in your head, or having to memorize,”.products aren’t organized logically – or at least in the kind of fashion that a human would use. For instance, products on shelves are not organized by category. Instead, they are placed on shelves as if by random. This can be highly confusing and solved by where the sleek cards are attached to the bin and the app used to assist the picker to locate the item by flashing the led of the photon attached to the bin. When an item is collected by hand, the picker scans it with a handheld device to ensure that the correct object has been taken. In a manufacturing shop floor, when pallets have to be picked and moved between stations can hi-light the correct pallet and prevent errors in assembly and improve the efficiency of operations. is invaluable in popular or hard to organize environments making it a manager’s dream, shoppers guide and a pickers savior.


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