Personal Guide

Create a guide for outdoors exhibits (wherever GPS signal is available)

san Francisco


Technologies Used

Sony Projecy N

Project Team

Gilles de Bordeaux
Developer Entrepreneur

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


• As you walk through an event location, ask questions and Concept N will serve as your personal guide. • Ask questions like “Where am I?” and you will get the name of the location or exhibit closest to where you are. Ask what is the next event and you will get the time and description of the next event at or close to your location. Ask “Where is x?” and you will be given directions to reach that destination. • Good candidates for this segment would be: any park, attraction, exhibition, circus, housing or office complex, where visitors want to know where they are, what it is, where other locations are relative to them, when the next event is scheduled to happen, etc. • Our first example is the San Francisco Zoo, and here is a sample dialog: • “Where am I?” “You are near the African Lion”. • “When is the next event?” “Feeding of the lions is scheduled today at 2:30 pm. Two people will enter the den to feed our 6 lions, two adult males and four adult females.” • “How to reach the Monkey exhibit?” “Walk North for about 400 yards. The Monkeys will be on your right.”


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