NFC enabled Social Network for Professionals and Consumers


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Preston Reed
Skylar Graika
Appdev Appdev

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Product Manager Investor


The Footmarks network is for Professionals and Consumers to interact with each other. ==================================================================== Consumers will be able to share the professionals that they love to use with their friends, family, neighbors, and social communities. Professionals will receive more referrals and a stronger relationship with their customers. Customers will receive better customer service. ====================================================================== Project Status: I have some basic drawn wire frames, a business plan (outline), and lots of ambition. I have experience in the front-end and back-end. But it's not about me. It's about the team and I'm looking for one. ====================================================================== Hacking needed. I want to have a working prototype to be exhibited at CES in January. It will be in the startup area in the TechZone. ====================================================================== Some marketing is completed, graphics, ideas, domain names, trademarks, etc. I've done a lot except write software, which is not typical of me. With the hardware in hand, I now need to build the software. I postponed development for two weeks for this event. ==================================================================== Designers / UX: We need to make the software look awesome. It's a mobile app and I have my eye on using JQuery Mobile. Looking for feedback on my current UX ideas and wire frames. Plus any additions, ideas, etc. ==================================================================== Biz Dev: Looking for marketing ideas, business development strategies, connections, etc. I've done a lot of leg work on this and have lots of ideas and looking for someone to join the team that has the ability to take it to the next level. If you can make a deal happen, I want to talk to you. ==================================================================== All Stars: If you are an all around all star and feel that you want to work on this hack, approach me and let's chat. Technical Writers, Bloggers, PR Experts, etc. ==================================================================== ==================================================================== ~ Preston


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