Low Budget, Customized Travel Planner.



Technologies Used

Google API
Laravel PHP

Project Team

Harsha Karunanayake

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Product Manager Investor


About Hospitality and Travel Guide Target Audience Direct Local Travelers Foreign Travelers Indirect Medium Scale b. Specific Problem to address The main problem in travelling is to manage the cash, and gain the best experience. 2. a. Overview This is a product for improving the usage towards Planning of the travel, Utilization of the Money, Time to gain maximum experience to an individuals as well as groups , The mode of Services will be • Transport services • Hotel Industry and Small, Medium Accommodation places • Leisure and adventure Business • Life Style - Tour Planning • Tour Guide and Tour Reviews • Ticketing – Air • Restaurants – Dine Areas How - In order to address this problem, the product will be mainly centralizing around one common platform connecting all the main features and addition features for a travel planning, enable the association of the services and the activities mentioned above. The system will be driven mainly on a coin system the coins can be use in any operation process. Key Features The product will focus on the aspects such as • Leisure and Adventure • Life style – Tour Planning • Transportation • Hotel and Accommodation • Ticketing • Restaurants • Social Review • Banking – foreign currency exchange The Action processes The Product will be composed of WEB and Mobile App , the main objecting of the system is to Link all the travelling services in to an one platform enabling the User – Travelers best tour planning experience The procedure and the salient factors of our product “JUSTin” the application will plan the best tour for the Price the User Enter, the user can enter the places the or the destination need to reach , then the application will automatically do the research for the USER , what exactly the User can experience the time and the cost they have mentioned. The salient factors in the application in this basically solve each and every problem of the User – Traveler b. Key benefits The main advantage of the “JUSTin” is all the requirement is just a click away of linking Considering the USERS – Travelers • The application provides the best experience can gain only the cost , Time spend and destinations to reach with the shortest routes to proceed to the destination • The Route can be designed with different kind of transport mode and the application will all set up the charges and arrangements and proceed with the ticket bookings. • The User can Login with Facebook or social media which would enable Automatic suggestions for their life style using machine Learning • According the destination and the country, places the User visits the Suggestion will be given by the application automatically for packing – Check List Option • The Sharing option for Taxi and Accommodations – the user can enable the feature of sharing enabling to get notification if any other person travelling to a nearby destination to share the taxi as in same manner to share the accommodation. • The Application will enable the facilities to check the currency exchange rates as well as according to the location would suggest the authorize dealers. • The Chatting action among the Application users to Make Events , Chat , Host Events the connectivity is done. • The Option of Guide manuals with exact correct information for several historical places in Sri Lanka , and all the reviews from the past visitors or explores and enabling the option of writing for the blog while travelling. • The next valuable feature in “JUSTin” gives the option of auto identification of objects, places, foods by snaps. Eg A foreigner see “KOTTU” they just have a snap the photo and upload then the application will brief the product and suggest the places nearby to consume. • The Users can snap the Photo and post in the application as add description and share the memories, finally end of the destination the application will suggest a album of photos to be poster in social media or print – using Google photos Additional Features for Travelers • The luggage lost is a big issue in transits hence this application will enable to track the luggage using a RFID with every transit. • “JUSTin: enable an option to change or switch seats in a plan which can be done priory to reduce the rushing and the bags can be reserved near the seating area. • “JUSTin” also help to stop overloading in a plane to minimize the unnecessary consequences. The Hotels , Restaurants, adventures parks ,leisure activity areas can be benefitted in the other causes by linking each other by providing best packages along the link. The promotions , offers , bookings can be done in the platform really easy. The sharing of the cabs would be make the owners to be utilize to gain more and more work as well as drops and picks can be covered in any case. The intermediate payments for the agents can be excluded by connecting to the system. The middle and small level accommodation can be also benefitted , because we suggest the shortest route option giving the rural areas to make more use of it to capitalize and start little business. The Currency exchanging spots can be linked and the flow of the foreigners can be increased with the time to time updates of the exchange rates and more legally the process could be arrange. The encouragement of the Blogs would gain more and more exposure to sharing the information along with real experience and the chatting option enable to connect with more people. Github linka - Andriod - https://github.com/Kushansameera/JustIn - Web - https://github.com/heshananupama/justin