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Technologies Used

Frontend - HTML/CSS/Bootstrap

Project Team

Suresh Michael Peiris
Entrepreneur Designer Developer
NIshad Fowzan
Dilina De Silva
Designer Developer
Kushan Chanushka Bhareti
Entrepreneur Designer
Jonathan Chanuka Gurusinghe
Designer Developer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Thumbs Up expands the possibility of having a live, up to date directory at your fingertips covering from all large-scale organizations to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) all over the world. It avails a golden opportunity for business organizations as well as to government institutes to come on board and maintain a live up-to-date profile with help of the general public. A digital identity is given to each and every product which a vendor may has to offer in order to identify in a uniquely manner. Moreover, it becomes a platform where consumer and vendor get to share their opinions, address the issues raised and move forward with better understanding while assuring the best quality and standard of the products and services. Project Thumbs Up consists of a Mobile app along with a web dashboard and a website. Users are given the chance to engage by reviewing the places they’ve visited, purchased items from and places they’ve actively taken part in the events. With a simple tap on their phone, users will be able to leave a rating with their opinions for the places which they would like to contribute. Users will be given points based on their involvements for the reviews as well as to keep them motivated to contribute more towards the project. The rewards will be sponsored by the business organizations for their customers as a loyalty programme. Mainly four types users actively participate in the project Thumbs Up. Namely, Developer, Entrepreneur, User and appointed special agents. Entrepreneurs will be able to create a vendor account and add their business to the listings as well as to generate the necessary QR codes. Special agents will be act as specialized in the marketing and promoting the businesses and assisting the vendors to reach more customer engagement. Users will be able to leave a rating on the products as well as on places by simply scanning the QR codes, also they’ll be get know the ratings and comments left by the previous customers for the particular place. The revenue model for the project Thumbs Up would be the pro / paid accounts of vendors where the vendors will be able to customize their profile as well as to get more insights about their businesses. Moreover, there will be an annual renewal fee from business to maintain their business within the platform for them to expand the services. We believe that using this project we’ll be able to contribute to the world of business by linking the customers and vendors, and by creating a strong bond among them. We hope, we’ll be able to increase sales of business organizations while assuring the quality standards of the products and services in the near future. Github Repositary :-