Technologies Used

servo motor
Gear motor
limit switch

Project Team

Chinthika Rathnayake
Designer Developer
Madu Rajapaksha
Designer Developer
Akila Fernando
Designer Developer
Ashen Shalitha
Designer Developer
Pasan Madusanka
Designer Developer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Instead of using hands we are designing an input pad so the players can give commands using their feet.5 main functions that are needed to play carrom are, 1. Moving the disk right. 2 .Moving the disk left. 3. Aiming the disk. 4. Controlling the shot power. 5. Shooting. In the input pad there are five different keys to control these 5 functions. Keys to move the disk right, to move the disk left, to rotate the disk holder and aim, to adjust the speed and finally a key to shoot. And an aditional key to set the device before starting. Device operation:- Setting-When the set button is given from the input pad, the device will be placed on to the carrom board with the help of a motor. Moving the shooter-When the move buttons are pressed in the input pad, the shooter will move accordingly to right and left with the help of a motor. Aiming-When the rotate buttons are pressed in the input pad, the shooter will rotate accordingly to clockwise and anticlockwise with the help of a motor. Setting power of the shot-In the input device a player can select the power of the shot from a range of 1 to 4.With 1 being the weakest and 4 being the most powered. When a power range is selected from the input pad the shooter will load accordingly. Shooting-When the shoot command is given from the input pad, a shot will be excecuted. With these five functions a player can play carrom using his or her feet to input commands through the input pad without using a hand. In that way anyone who has lot their hands, injured their hands or has a disability in their hands can play carrom like normal people.