freelancer-like platform for labors , micro entrepreneurs and contractors


Technologies Used

Laravel PHP
Google Maps Directions API

Project Team

Achintha Madumal
Designer Developer
Lahiru Jayasekera
Vishmantha PB
Entrepreneur Designer
nuwan wickramasinghe

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Finding a proper labor/s or contractor for a task (from build/ renovate a house, landscape the home-garden... to paint a room, fix a broken pipeline..) at reasonable price and exact time has always been a problem. And also those labors are always seeking for jobs because they should find new job after one. They always face the inconvenience of finding a suitable job at good payment. We are creating web and mobile based platform to fulfill the needs of both worker and client. The worker can maintain a profile which client can see their contact details, charging rates ,nearest city, capable fields of work as plumber, electrician , mason etc... So that customers easily search the nearest worker to them. If the clients cannot find the proper service provider then they can post an advertisement looking for a worker or contractor. Then the workers can bid for task and client can offer them the job. After finishing a job, clients can rate the worker so that they can find the better performing worker. Our plan is to charge a fee from a labor/contractor to maintain their profile on our platform about Rs.500 per month, And also Rs.500 for a advertisement by the customers. In Sri Lanka the percentage casual and and temporary employees are 4.0 and 8.6 of the total labor-force of the country. overall it is 1,035,023 in number. So our target is to reach at least 10000 of users at first step. In Vast if we could provide this service in India an South Asian regent, there are 100 times bigger opportunity.


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