F:08-03 Block vs Fraud

Block Verify(Fake Luxury Goods Identification)



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Kunasi Ramesh

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In Present Market 80% of fake luxury goods came from china. All countries spend millions of dollars every year for avoid the fake goods. Block verify given the solution to identify the fake luxury goods. Block verify using the transference property of Blockchain and store the product supply chain information. In our application mainly divided into 3 sections 1 is Manufacturer, 2nd one Distributer/Retailer and 3rd one user. Coming to Manufacturer Section, Manufacturer section mainly divided in to two activities. 1st one product details updating activity and 2nd one selling details activity. Coming to product details updating activity, the manufacturer fill the product details, that is 1. Shop id, 2. No.of Products 3. Product Name 4. Manufacturing date 5. Product URL The URL link secured with private key. When the manufacturer fill details, for each product unique product id is generated and printed on the product. Coming to second activity, the Manufacturer fill the details that is 1. his/her shop id 2. buyer id 3. selling date This transection activity protected by private key and stored in blockchain. Coming to distributer/retailer section, this section divided into two activities 1st one verification of received product activity 2nd one selling activity Coming to 1st activity, the distributer/retailer enter his/her shop id and scan the product. We can get location of distributer or retailer and his/her shop id. The shop id inserted in block chain and retrieve the private key, from this key we can retrieve the buyer id and compare with shop id. If both Id’s are matched then display the product URL. The distributer/retailer verify their product by hand, and also message sent to manufacturer the correct person is received the product. If shop Id not match then message sent to manufacturer, the wrong person received the product. Coming to second activity, it is same as manufacturer selling activity. The distributer or retailer want sell the product to user, then product id is updated in sold out product list as well as in blockchain. Coming to user section, the section include only verification activity. Coming to this activity, when user want to verify the product, the user fill the shop Id, then scan the product. We can get location of user and shop id. The product id is compared with unique id providing by manufacturer. If product is not match then the product is fake and warning message is send to manufacturer. If product is match then compare to product sold out list. If product is match, the product is already sold out and once again warning to manufacturer. If product id is not match then shop id inserted in blockchain and retrieve the private key. This is action repeated until user receive the manufacturer id and finally the manufacturer id inserted in block chain and retrieve the private key, from this key user get product URL link and by hand he compare the product details. In our application we protected the product URL link and product supply chain. In user section, the process is done reverse that is retailer to distributer and distributer to manufacturer finally he get URL link. In this process of getting the manufacturer id, if user cannot get the id then something going wrong then informed to manufacturer, then he/she check supply chain and take further action.