Cryptic MSG

Assist teens to encode/decode public messages

San Francisco


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Project Team

Rauhmel Fox (라물 팍스)
Developer Entrepreneur Investor Corporate Designer

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Product Manager Investor


Research suggests many people have a negative experience from social networking sites with envy leaving them feeling lonely, frustrated or angry. The intent of the Cryptic MSG app is to address increased toxicity around comments in online conversations proliferated from a mobile device to a social networking site/service (SNS). A “spiral” of "new hate" and "vitriol" may develop when a third-party "reacts" to publicly viewable tweets or visible social posts they subjectively deem inappropriate or offensive. Encoded messages may reduce or eliminate public overreaction and censure to a teen's expression of their emotions or beliefs no matter how controversial they are. Bocokbmr ceqqocdc wkxi zoyzvo rkfo k xoqkdsfo ohzobsoxmo pbyw cymskv xodgybusxq csdoc gsdr oxfi vokfsxq drow poovsxq vyxovi, pbecdbkdon yb kxqbi. Dro sxdoxd yp dro Mbizdsm WCQ kzz sc dy knnbocc sxmbokcon dyhsmsdi kbyexn mywwoxdc sx yxvsxo myxfobckdsyxc zbyvspobkdon pbyw k wylsvo nofsmo dy k cymskv xodgybusxq csdo/cobfsmo (CXC). K “czsbkv” yp "xog rkdo" kxn "fsdbsyv" wki nofovyz grox k drsbn-zkbdi "bokmdc" dy zelvsmvi fsogklvo dgoodc yb fscslvo cymskv zycdc droi celtomdsfovi noow sxkzzbyzbskdo yb yppoxcsfo. Oxmynon wocckqoc wki bonemo yb ovswsxkdo zelvsm yfobbokmdsyx kxn moxcebo dy k doox'c ohzboccsyx yp drosb owydsyxc yb lovsopc xy wkddob ryg myxdbyfobcskv droi kbo.