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Ashlimarie Dong
Jerry Ross
Morgan Giddings

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Product Manager Investor


We are digitizing the receipt and creating a platform for two technologies to communicate. The site syncs digital receipts straight from most merchants, and stored on the cloud for further convenience. Imagine a clickable line item that gives an accordion view of each transaction detail, just like a receipt. The integration stage is key and the unique value add. The software captures receipt details after the transaction is approved, at the end of the payment cycle. We collect and send the detailed purchase information to our data warehouse, where it is then matched up with self-identified registered users card data. We have merchant service providers who are looking to partner with our software as a value add. They are looking for this solution as it is solves a crucial pain point for merchants of chargebacks and costs associated with receipt creation. Our solution creates a protocol for statement descriptors to be sent directly to users, intercepted at the critical point of capture. We offer the first ever tool to organize this readily available information. What we show today is the prototype for mobile version which allows users to track recent purchases and flag receipts for returns for the day or week. We demonstrate the user experience and interface with our basic dashboard, which illustrates the simplicity of a hyperlinked line item which leads to more purchase information. Consumers can use these details for a breakdown of purchase into specific categories (great for Target/Costco purchase breakdown for more accurate budget categories), tracking past purchases (chargeback resolution), return receipts, tax time insight, easy recall notifications and much more! Please login to to sign up for our launch invite. Join us- revolt against the receipt!


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