Umwelt v0.1

Hyper-customizable Automation

San Francisco


Technologies Used

bootstrap. node.js. RDBMS. Cloud.
Mediatek 7688 duo

Project Team

Hansum Krishna
Entrepreneur Designer Developer
Entrepreneur Designer Developer
Designer Developer

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Product Manager Investor


A smart modular case for smartphones with wireless automation modules - the project narrows on increasing purposefulness of obsolete or old smartphones, esp in the field of home automation. The back cover communicates with the smartphone device through the USB host controller (aka USB OTG) feature or a Bluetooth serial for phones without USB host compatibility, to improve and add to the stock features of the phone. Some of the basic features are - increased battery backup; sensor addition - temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, luminance etc.; extended USB ports for power hungry devices and digital as well as analog I/O ports. It also comprises of a 2.4 GHz RF transmitter for synchronization with the second part of the project - Integrable wireless automation modules which can be used for greater awareness and control of the user's surrounding. The automation modules are set of portable and compact, sensors and actuators which are capable of communicating with the smart cover through 2.4 GHz RF transmitters or over Wi-Fi. These modular units may come as a plugin for existing domestic electrical systems or as standalone units with I/O ports, sensors or actuators left for the user to program. It can also serve as a temporary plug & play device. For example, a wireless modular unit can be used to sense a switch trigger (I/O port), spatial presence (PIR or ultrasonic sensor), trigger a notification (LED or buzzer based) - all done remotely. The end-product comes along with multiple output and input nodes compatible with sensor(s) and actuator(s) modules; which can be individually linked in a linear manner to automate the input stimulus and the output implementation. These nodes communicate with the back-end server over a 2.4 Ghz ad-hoc server, hosted by the LinkIt 7688 board which can be interfaced with the help of the web interface accessible on the WiFi network as well as on the android app communicating to the board over the same network. The entire automation process from the input node to the output node can be programmed by the user, with an option for input parameters and conditional implementations. User can select from all the available input node(s) connected to the network, and assign the respective output node(s) and automate the process For exemplification, (i) a temperature and humidity module can be plugged to the input node and a relay switch module can be hooked with the output node, controlling the fan speed - based on the conditional parameters programmed by the user on the android app. (ii) or a light sensor module can be attached to a portable input node and placed outdoors to control multiple lights and ambiance inside a house connected to multiple output nodes. MediaTek 7688 Challenge Video Link :


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