Blockchain-based modern epidemiology


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About Problem: The facts are that world population is going to be around 10 billion by 2050, people will travel more, and outbreaks of resistant diseases will become much more common. The only way to solve this growing issue to through innovations in epidemiology. Currently, there is no homogeneous and open solution to record this type of public health information. If the issue is global then the solution has to be the same for everyone. ________________________________________________ Solution: Utilizing blockchain and identity verification techniques, ShoeLeather allows public health prevalent information to be recorded anywhere and analyzed globally. This allows governments to find causes and correlation of diseases to rapidly address them. This is crucial, especially now, with the rise of outbreaks and super bugs. _________________________________________ How it works?: Doctor scans patient's Emirates ID. This ID contains a smart-chip which holds an encryption key. A new wallet is generated for the patient, on our blockchain, then the private key is encrypted with that smart-chip key. That new encrypted private key is then posted as a stream entry on our Multichain blockchain. When patient goes to the doctor again, any doctor actually, the doctor would scan their ID which would then trigger the app to download the encrypted private key and decrypt it with the patient's emirates ID smartchip key. Now the doctor can publish vaccination records and incident reports so authorities can analyze the public health of their respective areas. ________________________________________________ Why blockchain? Accountability, privacy, and openness are three major factors of blockchain. Modern epidemiology requires us to hold doctors, restaurants, and work sites accountable for their wrongdoings, blockchain allows for this. We have to still comply by government regulations and the desired level of privacy, of many, when it comes to their health records, thus creates the case for encrypted transactions. For this whole system to work, in a globalized world, we need open data that people all around the world can publish to, blockchain allows for this too. _______________________________________________ Further development and integration: Future development and integration is endless. Shoeleather lays down the required framework with its unique identity verification system, for fully fledged blockchain based electronic medical records. Health ministries can conduct risk assessments on a whole new level with individualized data points. Governments can also conduct accurate and unique censuses with this type of data integration. _____________________________________________ Where did the name come from?: Shoeleather Epidemiology is when epidemiologists go to impacted areas and start collection information regarding outbreaks with the goal of pinpointing the cause. This app does the same, but instead, requires doctors to act like epidemiologists and collect the information for them.


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