Active Work Visa Monitoring Program


Technologies Used

MS Sql Server

Project Team

Edward Dunn
Entrepreneur Developer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Multi-party monitoring of visa contractors and their sponsor employers to prevent visa worker issues from escalating into bigger problems (overstay, non-payment, etc.). Blockchain-based solution built on the Fooky + Kossier platform. To get started, simply go to and create a new account. Then follow the following steps: 1) Navigate to , add the Embassy Centre to favorites to retreive later in Contacts. Select "Menu" and select Register New Visa. This register the worker visa to be activated to perform checks. In addition as an incentive to check-in regularly with employers, a V-Rewards loyalty account was create that give credits to spend locally among merchants (bonus). 2) Navigate to employer at and add favorites to store employer in contacts. Now that you are registered, you can perform a check-in with your employer by selecting Menu and choose "Visa Worker Check-In" 3) Navigate to and add Ministry of Labour to favorites as a reference. Note the menu options are commands between the Embassy and the Ministry but provided as a demo. 4) For each transaction written to the blockchain such as check-in, the distributed ledger is located at and updated in real-time. This blockchain can be permissioned but open for demo. **VIDEO LINK: - could not successfully convert to AVI, my apologies. **SECRET BONUS: Once you create a check-in with your employer, visit , choose Menu Tab and select "Redeem V-Rewards" and complete transaction. You will receive in your notification a voucher with barcode that can used to redeem your rewards at local merchants for being a compliant visa worker.


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