Smart School

Management information system for special needs school


Technologies Used

Laravel PHP

Project Team

Mayssam Jubran
Designer Developer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


This school contains administration departments, educational department , medical department, and parents. By using the system, it provides an account for each user depending on his role in the school to do his required job. For example, the headmaster will add events and meetings on the calendar and adding news in the news page, the employees and parent will have access to show the calendar and the news, also the manager can monitor the employees attendance and work and send them comments, he also can add projects and plans for the school. The teachers will be able add reports and plans about the children educational statues and take the attendance for them, also there is a section for stationery in case of shortage or need they can make an order. The doctors will be able to add reports and plans about the children medical statues , and also there is a section for the equipment in case of destroy or need . The parents will keep on with their children medical and educational statues and with the school events and news. Other functionalities that the system provides: Search & Filter, Calendar, News, Attendance, Reports and plans, Tools and stationery,comments,notification, print, uploading files and images. The system will be connected with mobile application to receive and send notification and to have access from any place.


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