A modular, extensible Delegative Democracy governance framework


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Darryl Morris

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The EthenianDAO is to allow 'Delegative Democracy' to be enacted by a decentralised organisation utilising the Etherium blockchain platform. Delegative Democracy is a democratic model in which members vote upon matters either directly or through a chosen delegate. The EthenianDAO extends this model to allow preferential weighting in the distribution of a member's voting power among options of a matter and/or delegates voting for any or all matters. This model is seen as superior to the historic but still current model of 'Representative Democracy' in which representatives (politicians) are elected for terms in order to weakly represent their constituents as a single unit. That model may have been a best effort of the day due to the limitations of the information and communications technology which was paper transported by horse and cart. However it causes innumerable false dichotomies and conflicts of interest which can now be largely avoided in a ubiquitous environment of near real-time technologies. In the EthenianDAO, members invest into an organisation which gives them a proportional amount of voting power up to an optional limit. Members can raise matters, tender to service matters, vote directly upon matters or delegate some or all of their voting power to delegates they might see as better qualified in matters that arise. They may re-vote, revoke delegated powers and withdraw their investment at will. Two optional metrics, 'maximum voting power' and 'tax rate', give rise to fundamentally different use cases. A corporate usage model (default) arises with no tax rate and no limit to voting power. In this, members' voting power is directly proportional to their level of investment. With a low voting power limit, a relative amount of equality among members is achieved while still requiring a 'minimal interest investment' for the use case of civil governance organisations. Optional taxes can be collected against members' investments. This revenue is still controlled by the member who can use it to fund matters (such as public interest) at their discretion but is simply blocked from direct withdrawal. The EthenianDAO is to be a modular and extensible smart contract framework where additional features and functionality can be developed and 'vote in' at a later date to create truly flexible and free organisations.