Smart Cart

Never stand in line to check out at a retail store while receiving target marketing coupons


Technologies Used

Bluetooth Low Energy Modules
RFID Modules
Red Bull
light sensors
motorola and arduino design

Project Team

Entrepreneur Investor
JW Grenadier

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Product Manager Investor


Consumers spend on average 7-20 minutes per retail visit standing in line. On top of that the retail visiting experience is a static, uninformed experience. Smart Cart changes this. Smart Cart is a cart that knows what items a shopper has placed into it. This enables a platform where both shoppers and retail businesses can revolutionize the way retail shopping is done. Smart Cart does this by utilizing three different sensors along with the cutting technology in the Motorola Moto Modz phone. 1. The RFID sensor is used to identify which items are in the cart 2. A low energy weight sensor (we used a Estimote beacon as a proxy for this) to ensure that the cart only has items per the RFID registration. 3. A light sensor that detects when an item is added to the cart to turn on the others sensors (we used a temperature sensor as a proxy for this) The user will have an application that connects to the Smart Cart which then allows them to perform the payment process completely without any interaction with others. In addition, the application could uncover potential savings or intelligent recommendations in real time as the user places items in the Smart Cart. Also, the Motorola ModZ could use wifi to identify in-store location to be able to guide the user within the store. Work Flow: Grocery list Phone creates list with coupons Enter grocery store Through Bluetooth and smart Cart you connect with your phone Store Map pops up You shop - scanning items and bagging - using lightgate / security - Bar Code / RFID Scan can project what goes in or out of Cart / Weight sensors - help to detect extra items Produce in bag shows on phone - tolling told spent You choose item - competitor coupons shows on phone giving you options When through shopping walk out store through scanner to confirm payment and all items paid for As the Consumer is shopping in real time it will create a first time for a competitor product to upload on a phone a coupon or advertisement to target market an alternative product - to entice a consumer to buy their product over the other product - without the algorithms of the internet and expense of tracking or invasive shadowing. The use of Smart cart can also do specific coupons and promotions to the owners of the phones to increase tier coming into the store and making the shopping experience special Giving an individual/ consumer an inventory and a record of what the consumer buys and how often they buy ti. That when it comes to excess or need a consumer can review their activity. Stores will have the ability to have real time information on the trends of their customers. Stores will be able to capture customers consumption - shopping - sharing specials and giving the consumer the benefit of specials Technology Used: RFID Modem one Sensor Chip Light Sensor Chip Bluetooth Beacon low energy as weight sensor Moto Motz Android Java, C Moto Motz ability to map the store you are in Moto Motz ability to send specials directly to your phone from the store you are shopping Paypal, Google Wallet, Visa, Mastercard - Consumer Payment Future for the Smart Cart Platform Create a platform for competitive companies ability to in real time and real knowledge change the the thinking and purchasing product of the consumer The Platform can change the marketing ability of companies in real time to compete with its competitors and through the power of the mod add to its client / consumer base The architecture of the mods, sensors create a simplicity of scanning and security. The Bluetooth unique connection with the consumer’s phone creates a less stressful and more productive shopping experience at the same time protecting the store from theft.