Data-mining, Self service platform

Metro Manila /Cebu/Davao


Technologies Used


Project Team

Renate Gouveia
Entrepreneur Designer Developer

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Product Manager Investor


The PLDT One app is a re-make of the current PLDT application, but with a focus of increasing the UX and CX by providing a fast, fluid mobile app which people use not only for their inquires, but to check day to day events. The Self Service platform will provide an intelligent ChatBot which is able to speak different languages, written and spoken, a FAQ section with common questions and most importantly a Community support board, where we encourage users to help others by getting incentives such as points, which could be used with PLDT products, There is also a 360 Degree transparent Ticketing system, which allows the user in real time to see exactly where his ticket is, where its been and what is happening, giving assurance to the customer that it is being dealt with. There is also a grat potential for Data mining, through the use of Push notifications to every user on the application, even if they do not currently have an internet connection as it will be send to them when they are next online. This can be used to get sentiments about current events, feedback from customers, reviews and ratings of other business establishments (marketing) We vision PLDT's app to be key in data communication and believe that the direction headed with this concept would retain customers to use the app frequently with the many different new features.


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