Saving money by cutting waste

Las Vegas


Technologies Used

iOS (ObjectiveC)
Synchrony API

Project Team

Tolga Beser
Kevin Fang
Justin Fang

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Before it closes up shop, the Starbucks I frequent always offers up free food like muffins, or nearly expired yogurt, to anyone still residing close to the shop. Anything not taken is then simply thrown out, an option we consider far less ideal than being distributed to the right customers. We think, through technology, we can connect consumers looking for deals, with stores seeking to reward loyal customers and get rid of expiring inventory, creating a win-win scenario. How we built it: We used Objective-C for the iOS app and used the Synchrony API to predict the next purchase, apply for credit, and to create a simple rewards. The web app was built with NodeJS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Firebase. The store attracts more purchases and customers by being able to offer extra deals on nearly-expired goods to loyal customers. Since they are about to get rid of the products anyways, an example 3 for 1 deal still allows for more profit than simply tossing all of the food out. The customer, in turn, receives excellent deals on goods they clearly already like, ensuring that the offers of the stores is well-appreciated. The app aims to find the equilibrium point between what customers are willing to pay for additional food, and how much of a deal the store is willing to offer for nearly-expired goods, leading to the best use of supplies and money for both the store and the consumers. We feel that this sort of interaction is very financially beneficial to both sides, and also helps to waste less food.


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