Kill Bill

B2B SaaS platform for subscription businesses

Las Vegas


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Pierre-Alexandre Meyer
Developer Entrepreneur
Developer Entrepreneur

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Product Manager Investor


Kill Bill provides a full-stack yet modular solution to manage subscriptions, generate invoices and optimize your payments. The core of the platform is a back-end system giving you all the flexibility you need to manage your subscriptions. Whether you are upgrading and downgrading between plans, or charging customers on a fixed, recurring or usage basis, Kill Bill can support your unique business requirements. Kaui, the Kill Bill administrative UI, is our back-office add-on providing an intuitive interface to manage and configure the system. Product managers can edit plans and pricing information in real-time, without having to involve engineering. Product updates can be pushed to production in a matter of minutes. Customer advocates are able to see the entire history of accounts, manage subscriptions on behalf of users and issue refunds and credits. Your BI and finance teams have access to dashboards and KPIs in real-time. And because every change goes through a role-based access control engine, compliance has never been easier. Started in 2010, Kill Bill is a proven technology, trusted by companies of any size. Now integrated with Payeezy from First Data, you can get started processing payments for a variety of payment methods in no time.


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